Friday, 19 December 2014

Bow Top Railings – Safe. Striking. Secure.

Bow Top Railings – The Basics

Bow Top Railings are a popular choice of security system for areas like public and domestic locations, where safety and aesthetics are a key factor. The railing bars are bent in a bow shape where they pass through the top rail and end with the bottom rail. These railings can have different diameters and be either solid or hollow depending on the type of railings that you use.

There are two different types of Bow Top Railing systems and these are Standard Bow Top and Self-raking Bow Top. Both of these systems are as the title suggests; safe, striking and secure. However there are some marked differences between the two:

Standard Vs. Self-Raking

Standard Bow Top Railings:
Standard Bow Top Railings are used to create boundaries that do not have an intimidating appearance and which lack sharp points. Available in heights of 1.0m to 2.1m; they are suitable for areas that require a low to medium level of security. They are called ‘Standard’ due to their non-raking structure; however, when used on ground that is not level they are able to be stepped.

Self-Raking Bow Top Railings:Self-raking systems are able to be positioned up to 20⁰, allowing for a continuous structure on sloping surfaces. The self-raking systems use robust railings to maintain rigidity whilst raking. Railings within these systems are hollow and are wider in diameter than standard Bow Top Systems.

Which location are they suitable for?

Bow Top Railings are suitable to be installed in a variety of areas, ranging from schools to private driveways. Here are some of the other areas you can use these systems in:

  • Commercial Businesses
  • Parks 
  • Housing Developments 
  • Doctors Surgeries 

Available at First Fence:

Whether you buy online through our website or over the telephone, we provide all the posts and fixings with the system ready for you to install. We have available either Bolt Down or Dig in Posts, depending on the type of terrain that you are installing the system on.

Polyester Powder Coating and Galvanisation are available as standard – meaning that not only is the steel less susceptible to rusting, but it has a smoother and brighter finish. Powder Coating is available in a range of RAL colours.

We also offer a wide range of bespoke services from our expert fabrication department. If you do require custom fabrication, then please call us on 01283 512 111.

Please visit our website for more information about Bow Top Railings.

In the New Year, First Fence will be releasing a new range of Standard Bow Top Railings and Gates – so stay tuned! 

Friday, 12 December 2014

Mesh – The Sophisticated Security Choice

Mesh Fencing as a range is able to cater to most of your security fencing needs. This is down to some key design features that have been used within this fence type. Here are some of the top features:

A High Level of Safety

Unlike other types of fencing, Mesh Fencing does not contain sharp edges and points making it safer to use in areas around children, such as schools. As Mesh Fencing is available in heights from 1.8 metres and higher, it means that the top rail of the fencing panel and gate is out of reach of younger children.

Mesh has an Attractive Appearance

Mesh Fencing is an attractive option due to the composition of the strong and rigid mesh with clean, straight lines. Mesh also allows a high level of visibility through the fencing so that you are able to monitor activity outside of your premises – an essential feature in areas such as schools and sports grounds.
Mesh can also be Polyester Powder Coated in a range of RAL colours so that you can customise your fencing system to your needs. All of these factors contribute to a fencing system that does not look as imposing as systems with large pales and pointed tops.

Strong and Hardwearing Composition

It is the dense mesh of wires that makes up the panel within the system that creates its strength. Each of the vertical wires are welded onto the horizontal ones making the whole system rigid and hardwearing. Mesh is built to last - galvanisation and powder coating ensure protection from rust over time.

More variety

There are different types of mesh fencing giving you more variety. Here are some of the types of mesh fencing we have on offer and their construction.

Twin Mesh Fencing

Twin Mesh fencing is made using 5mm vertical steel wiring which is sandwiched between two 6mm horizontal parallel wires. This strong system gives the fence a long lasting appearance and makes vandalism difficult.

‘V’ Mesh Fencing

The distinctive look of ‘V’ Mesh Fencing adds both to the aesthetics and the overall strength of the fencing. The horizontal “V” shaped beams give the panels extra rigidity, and make scaling extremely difficult.

Prison Mesh Fencing

Prison Mesh is one of the toughest types of fencing to cut through due to the high density configuration of the mesh wires, which make the panels finger-proof and anti-climb.

If you have any questions about palisade fencing, please call us on 01283 512 111 or visit our website

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Why Invest in Palisade Security Fencing?

There is no doubt about it; Palisade Fencing is one of the more popular types of fencing and with good reason! There are many structural benefits to using Palisade systems to secure your boundaries. Here is a run-down of the top features of Palisade fencing and why it is a sound investment.

Palisade Fencing Gate

‘W’ Shaped Pales
Palisade is constructed using ‘W’ Shaped pales with a thinner diameter in the middle which gets wider towards the outside. This feature means that not only does it improve the fencings' overall strength but it also creates a harder surface to grip to when climbing is attempted.

Cold Rolled Steel
The Cold Rolling process that is used on the steel is very beneficial as it means that the fencing structure is lighter (meaning less pressure on the posts) without losing any of the internal strength. Cold Rolling involves the steel being passed through rollers and is gradually manipulated until it is in the correct shape.

Powder Coated Palisade FencingOur Palisade Fencing is galvanised as standard to give the structure added protection against rust and weathering. The galvanisation process involves coating the steel in a molten bath of hot zinc – called Hot Dip Galvanisation.

Polyester Powder Coating
Not only does Powder Coating give the system an extra protective coating against weathering or wear and tear it also gives the steel a smooth and attractive appearance. Powder Coating is available in a range of RAL colours, meaning that you can match the colour to your corporate branding.

The Points and Pales 
We have available a range of different points and pales for our palisade fencing, these are:
  • Triple Pointed
  • Round and Notched
  • Round
  • Single Point
  • Flat
These options mean that you are able to customise the fence to suit your needs. We also have available barbed wire that is able to be added to the top of your fence to improve its security even further. 

Anti-Tamper Bolts
The nuts and bolts have been designed to be anti-tamper where the bolt fits tightly into the bolthole and the top part of the nut then snaps off. This means that the bolts can no longer be tampered with or removed after installation.

If you have any questions about palisade fencing, please call us on 01283 512 111 or visit our website