Friday, 30 January 2015

V Mesh Fencing –Stylish, Stable, Strong

Mesh Fencing systems are available from First Fence with customisation options like Polyester Powder Coating, which is supplied in green as standard  or in a variety of other RAL colours including:

 Mesh Fencing 

Mesh Fencing has quickly become one of the most popular types of security fencing on the market today. It is often installed around the premises of schools, industrial estates and playgrounds, plus many more locations. First Fence supply a wide variety of Mesh Fencing across the country to suit all environments; including V Mesh Fencing.

V Mesh Fencing systems are identified by the distinctive ‘V’ shape featuring within the mesh panel. As well as making the mesh aesthetically pleasing, there are two main benefits to this ‘V’ shape. These are:
  • Added strength and stability
  • The mesh is more difficult to climb.

Due to the thickness of the mesh wires, V Mesh is able to provide a high security barrier; without the intimidating looks of other highsecurity systems. This feature has been a major part in its rise in popularity. The Mesh structure also means that the panels are resilient to a high level of attack and are extremely difficult to cut through using standard tools.  


  • Black 
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Brown 
  • Red

You can request Corner, Intermediate and End Posts from our Mesh Fencing range,
so you can ensure that you have the correct posts for your system.  Our posts have a dual
protection layer to protect against severe weather conditions and to make the posts long lasting.

There are also Dig-in and Bolt Down Posts available, so panels are able to be installed on both hard and soft ground types. However, Bolt Down posts do offer the additional
benefit of being able to remove a single section of mesh fencing easily without compromising the whole system. These posts are purpose built to allow for quick installation.

For more information about our V Mesh Fencing or any of our other product ranges, visit us online at

Friday, 23 January 2015

Steel Hoarding – Premium Privacy and Site Protection

Steel Hoarding

Steel Hoarding is effective as it increases the safety and security of your site, as well as being available for customisation using accessories. Steel Hoarding is available in two different heights and in a variety of colours, so you can co-ordinate it with your corporate image.

SteelWall Hoarding

SteelWall Hoarding is designed to offer high levels of security and privacy on a semi-permanent basis. It is a popular choice for urban construction sites, due to the strong and solid steel panels. SteelWall systems are quick and easy to install and can be reused several times. To add extra stability, the ‘T’ Section posts are concreted into the ground to resist high winds. Standard Panels are 1.4mm thick, with a width of 2100mm and are available in the heights of 2000mm and 2400mm.

Ultimate SteelWall – Upgrade your Hoarding system

Ultimate SteelWall systems are a step up from standard SteelWall, due to the increase in strength. It is often used in areas that require the extra stability such as sports grounds and building developments. Supplied in a range of corporate colours, Ultimate SteelWall is 2470mm wide and is available in the heights of 2000mm and 2400mm.

Steel Hoarding Gates

There are two different types of Hoarding Gate- Pedestrian and Vehicle Gates. Both are made from galvanised steel and can be easily integrated into your Steel Hoarding system. Pedestrian Gates weigh 47kg, stand 1980mm high and have a width of 1020mm. Vehicle Gates are 2000mm high by 4330mm wide and weigh 70kg.

Steel Hoarding Accessories

There are various different accessories within the Hoarding range. These include:
Clips: These can be used to attach your hoarding onto scaffolding, providing the structure with more stability.
Infill Panels: Compatible with our Steel Hoarding systems, Infill panels increase both privacy and security to your site by blocking exposed areas between each panel.
Skirts: Another accessory which provides additional privacy is our skirting panels. These minimise the gap between the hoarding and the ground.

Purchasing Options

There are many different purchasing options for hoarding systems. Here at First Fence we offer both hire and sale of this product and are able to suit your budget with ex-hire panels as well as a buy-back scheme. Buy Back schemes are great as they lower your Carbon footprint and help you on your way with your environmental policy.

For more information, please visit the Hoarding range on our website. 

Friday, 16 January 2015

Armco Crash Barriers– Increasing Safety, Reducing Damage.

Armco Safety Barriers are the most popular form of safety barrier system; due to their versatility and durability. There are two ways by which the Armco Safety Barrier systems work:

· Increase safety

· Reduce damage

Armco Safety Barriers are usually installed at the edges and down the central reservation of high speed and potentially dangerous roads (for example cliff edges). However, they may also been used in agricultural areas and car parks.

Armco is used to increase safety as it prevents vehicles from passing through them during a collision; therefore minimising the risk of danger to traffic in other lanes.
There are various components that make up Armco systems and each are for a different purpose.

Armco Corner Post
Armco Corner Post
Armco Fishtail End Section
Armco End Section

Rails and Beams:

The beams which make up the system are made from high quality steel and are manufactured in a corrugated shape to maintain maximum strength on impact. They are available in both galvanised and Polyester Powder Coated finishes. Powder Coating is available in various RAL colours.

Armco RSJ Posts
Armco RSJ Posts

Open Box Beams:

Armco Open Box Beams are designed to be used in areas that have a high risk of traffic collisions. It is produced from galvanised steel, meaning that it is ideal for long lasting protection.

RSJ Posts:

The Armco RSJ Post is the most popular style of post for Armco Crash Barrier systems as they provide greater protection, due to the thickness and shape of the steel. Posts are supplied with a galvanised finish
and are available as Dig-In or Bolt-Down posts; depending on whether they are being installed on hard

or soft ground.

Armco 'Z' Posts
Armco 'Z' Posts

‘Z’ Posts:

The ‘Z’ style Posts allow you to construct a robust and effective barrier system to provide continuous crash protection. ‘Z’ Posts are available as either Bolt Down or Dig-In style posts.

To look at our range of Armco Safety Barriers, visit us online, or call us on 01283 512 111 for more information! 

Friday, 9 January 2015

Grand Opening of our South East Regional Fencing Centre!

On the 16th January 2015, our South East Regional Fencing Centre having its’ Grand Opening! 

This is great news for our company and those of you down in the south of England as with the new depot; we will now be able to offer our Same Day Delivery Service to London and the surrounding areas.  We will also be launching a 24/7 Customer Support helpline so we can provide you with assistance when you need it the most.

The image below shows the areas eligible for same day delivery: