Friday, 27 February 2015

Become an Account Customer

When you are an Account Customer at First Fence, you will receive various benefits. These are:


Better quantity pricing for your regular purchases

Account Customers are offered a more competitive price on items regularly purchased- saving you money the more you spend with us.

30 Day Invoicing

30 Day invoicing provides you with 30 days for payment, meaning that you are able to pay off your purchase when it suits you. This improves both your cash flow and your business, without affecting when you will receive your products.

 A Dedicated Account Manager

You will have a dedicated Account Manager to look after your account and oversee your orders from placement to delivery.

Prioritised Lead Times

Our Account Customers are a top priority when it comes to processing new orders, whether it is for hire or sales. 

Applying to be an Account Customer

To apply for an account, please get in touch on 01283 512 111. We will send you a few forms to fill out, which you will need to return to us. Once we receive your completed forms we will process the applications and get your account set up.

 Become an Account Customer

Friday, 20 February 2015

Mesh Fencing

First Fence can offer you a wide range of Mesh Fencing products for many different applications, including the panels themselves, Mesh Gates and accessories. Mesh is becoming one of the most popular security fencing systems due to its versatility. It is often being used for Industrial, Commercial and Public areas to denote boundaries and to keep potential intruders at bay.

We manufacture and supply various sizes and styles of Mesh Fencing to suit your requirements. There are also different colours and finishes available for your Mesh Fencing through galvanisation and polyester powder coating.  Powder Coating is available in a variety of RAL colours.

While Mesh Fencing offers a high security boundary, it still fits in with its’ environment as it is also considered to be less intimidating than Palisade Fencing. This is another contributing factor to its popularity.  A choice of posts is also available with mesh- we supply either Dig-In or Bolt Down posts. If you decide to use Bolt Down posts within your fencing system, they have the added benefit of you being able to remove single sections of mesh easily.
If you are looking for a fencing solution with a lower budget, we are also able to fabricate a lower cost mesh. To do this there is a slight reduction to the horizontal bar diameter.

V Mesh Fencing
Here is a quick overview of the V Mesh System.  The panels have been designed with a ‘V’ shaped section built into the fence panel. This provides extra strength and stability into the panel as well as being an attractive design feature.  Powder Coating is also available in a range of colours so that you are able to alter the fence’s appearance to suit the surroundings.
If you want to find out more about V Mesh Fencing, make sure you read our Blog post ‘V Mesh Fencing –Stylish, Stable, and Strong’. 
As well as V Mesh panels, we also offer a range of posts for this system.

Twin Mesh Fencing
Twin Mesh Fencing is a heavy duty system that provides full security for your property without minimising visibility through the wire mesh. This is created using a ‘sandwich’ of thick steel wires with a horizontal wire on either side of a single vertical wire. The exceptional strength made by this configuration means that the panels are able to withstand a wide range of attacks and damage.

Compatible Post Types                        
Compatible with our Mesh Fencing systems, we have Corner, Intermediate and End Posts available in both Dig-In and Bolt Down Varieties.

All of our Mesh Fencing posts have a dual protective layer which offers protection against severe weather.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Current Career Opportunities with First Fence

Current Career Opportunities with First Fence.

We currently have vacancies for both Inbound and Outbound Telesales Agents to join our dynamic team. For more information, or to apply online, please visit the jobs pages below.

Inbound Telesales Agent:

Outbound Telesales Agent:

Alternatively, please send a CV and Cover Letter to

Friday, 13 February 2015

Hand Rails - Multi-Purpose Railing Systems

There so many possible types of applications that you can create with our Hand Rails range. From fire escapes to agricultural enclosures, they are fully customisable and have a wide range of tubing and fittings to suit your needs.
As well as being a hard wearing structure that is built to last through frequent use and harsh weather; these kits are able to be reused and reassembled. From industrial to commercial and domestic use, the various tube and clamp sizes are able to accommodate.

Complete Hand Rail Systems

 Also known as Key Clamp, Tube Clamp or Pipe Clamp, these systems are fully comprehensive. We provide both Standard Complete Key Clamp Systems and Complete Sloped Key Clamp Systems – making ordering the fittings pain free! Here are the complete system sizes available: 

  • Size 5 (26.9mm)
  • Size 6 (33.7mm)
  • Size 7 (42.4mm)
  • Size 8 (48.3mm)

Steel Tubes

There are different sizes of tube available for your system, please see the table below:
Key Clamp Size
Outer Tube Diameter (mm)
Nominal Bore (mm)

All of the tubes are galvanised with a zinc coating as standard to resist the formation of rust on the structure.  However, Powder Coating is also available on the tubing to give it an aesthetically pleasing appearance with bright colour options.


Particularly in more complex railing systems, having the correct fittings is essential for a safe construction; this is why we stock a range of fitting types. Fitting size needs to be chosen in accordance with the tube sizing.

Guard Rails

Guard Rails are used in multitude of different locations and for various purposes, including marking boundaries and providing support/protection.  There are two different types of Guard Rail Systems- with a sight top and without a sight top. 

Function and Purpose
Along the edge of roads and junctions
Bordering on staircases and outdoor steps
Edging balconies
Following steep walkways
Surrounding play areas
Outside Schools

Guard Rails with a Sight Top:

Guard Rails with Sight Tops are the most popular option as they offer pedestrians higher levels of visibility through the railings. The Sight Top is offered within its construction and has the option to have either staggered or inline bars within the frame. It is more commonly used on roads that contain bends and to indicate areas where it is safer for pedestrians to cross.

Guard Rails without a Sight Top:

Guard Rails that do not contain a sight top are the most basic choice of Guard Rail system. Like the Guard Rails with the sight top, these are available with both in-line and staggered infill bars. As they do not offer a higher level visibility for pedestrians and vehicles; these railings are often used to divide busy highways and pavements. They are considered to be best used on roads that are straight.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Telesales Vacancies at First Fence

We currently have two job vacancies within our Sales Department:

Inbound Telesales Agent

Full Time


Salary 15,000.00 rising to 16,400.00

Mon – Fri, 8.00 a.m.-6.00 p.m. plus occasional Saturdays

The post holder will meet the needs of existing clients and seek opportunities to extend our client base further. Processing a high volume of inbound sales calls, they will take orders, take payment and book out orders. They will also build customer relationships and maintain customer accounts and this will include making outbound calls. In addition, they will process orders placed on our website and our E-bay account.

For more information, please visit the job listing here:
Alternatively, email your CV and Cover letter to:

Outbound Telesales Agent

Full Time


Salary negotiable, dependent on experience.

Mon – Fri, 8.00 a.m.-6.00 p.m. plus occasional Saturdays

Working in a fast paced environment as a member of the sales team, the post holder will ensure sales targets are met or exceeded. Demonstrating a proven track record of achieving or exceeding sales and customer service targets, they will deliver against set sales targets and customer relationship management standards.

Processing a high volume of outbound sales calls, the post holder will seek opportunities for new business by creating interest and selling our products or services. They meet the needs of existing clients and seek opportunities to extend our client base further. They will build customer relationships and maintain customer accounts. The post holder will also set up accounts for new clients, take orders, take payment and book out orders.

For more information, please visit the job listing here:
Alternatively, email your CV and Cover letter to:

Friday, 6 February 2015

Temporary Fencing – Effective, Dependable, Versatile.

As a leading fencing supplier, we have a whole range of Temporary Fencing products available. Here you will find an overview of the different Temporary Fencing products available and what makes them stand apart.

Temporary Fencing Panels

Temporary Fencing Panels - First FenceTemporary Fencing panels are widely used for securing building and construction sites. 
Standard Panels- The Standard Panel is constructed from a galvanised steel mesh and is resilient to both site and weather damage. It has a high level of durability which means that standard panels can be used multiple times.
Anti-Climb Panels- Unlike Standard panels, Anti-Climb panels have smaller gaps between the mesh, making climbing activity much more difficult. These types of panels provide further safety and segregation to pedestrian traffic.
Temporary Fencing Panels - First FenceHeavy Duty Panels- Heavy Duty panels are available in both square and round top styles. Constructed using galvanised steel mesh with thicker top and bottom bars; these offer the most strength and durability. Round Top panels are also available with a centre bar to provide further strength and to resist sagging within the frame.

Steel Hoarding 

As mentioned in our previous blog ‘Armco Crash Barriers - Increasing Safety, Reducing Impact’, Steel Hoarding provides protection from construction hazards and blocks visibility inside a site. Powder coating and corporate branding are also available as customisation options. Steel Hoarding is available in the following types:
Standard Steel Hoarding 
Ultimate SteelWall.

Crowd Control Barriers

Although not technically Temporary Fencing - Crowd Control Barriers are generally used for shot terms projects and events.

Fixed Leg Crowd Control Barrier- 

These types of Crowd Control Barriers are popular for managing high levels of pedestrian traffic at large scale events. You can use them to guide pedestrians in a certain direction or to indicate restricted areas. The fixed leg design provides a high level of stability and the specialised linking system allows for fast assembly.

Loose Leg Crowd Control Barrier- 

Loose Leg barriers are available with detachable feet to make stacking and storage simple. Ideal for outdoor events, the barriers’ linking mechanism is handy for quick boundary assembly.

Fixed and Loose Leg Crowd Control Barriers are available in both 2.3m and 2.5m widths, and include options for powder coating in red and white, for health and safety requirements.

Police Crowd Control Barrier- 

Police Crowd Control Barriers are the most heavy duty temporary Crowd Contol Barrier on the market. Barriers such as these are used for the most demanding of crowd environments, for example during highly popular demonstrations. The mesh within the barrier not only prevents access through the barrier itself, but it also increases its tolerance to wear and tear. The stable base provides the barrier with a sophisticated locking system, meaning that barriers can only be dismantled consecutively. 

Mesh Crowd Control Barrier- 

Mesh barriers are 3m wide, so you will need fewer barriers to cover the perimeter. Using both horizontal and vertical wires within the barrier increases the strength and durability of the barrier system. 

If you have any questions, or require further information then please call us on 01283 512 111 or visit us online at: