Friday, 3 April 2015

Palisade Fencing

Palisade Fencing it is simple in its function, but hugely complex in its design. Here is a brief description of how we have taken this simple idea and turned it into a high quality product that you can rely on.

When it comes to Palisade Fencing we buy in all of our bays, but we manufacture our own gates. We have a great knowledge of Palisade Fencing in terms of how it works and therefore know that our suppliers are providing products that are of an exceptional quality. The Palisade Fencing that we supply is different from your standard Palisade Fencing in a variety of ways. These are:

Our Rails

The top rails that we supply are slightly different to standard rails, they help to help prevent people from climbing your fence as- there is an added spike that is positioned in between each pale.  Not only does this make intrusion difficult, but also works as a deterrent.

Our Pales

Unlike standard Palisade pales, our pales are made using a manufacturing method called Cold Rolling. This method involves putting folds into the steel as it is being rolled. This makes the pale many times stronger than the equivalent pale of the same thickness. The pales are lighter, easier to assemble and easier to transport.

Our Fixtures

When it comes to fitting Palisade Fencing there are various parts and fixings that need to be bolted together.  These bolts have special nuts that snap off when they get to their maximum tightness. This means that not only can they not be over tightened (which could damage the fence), but they also cannot be undone by people who attempt to dismantle your fence to gain unauthorised access.

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