Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Grand Opening of our South West Regional Fencing Centre!

First Fence is expanding even more! We celebrated the opening of our Dartford Depot in January and we are now due to host our Bristol Depot Grand Opening this summer! With the expansion of First Fence, we will now be able to offer a more comprehensive sales and delivery service across not only the South of England, but throughout the UK.
We are even able to cater for worldwide orders, with purchases as far afield as Japan and Belgium.

If you are looking for Temporary Fencing, Permanent Security Fencing or Traffic Management systems, then make sure you call us now on 01283 512 111 or visit us online to find your ideal solution!

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Temporary Fencing – Are you ready for event season?

Many people don’t think much into the ‘behind the scenes’ action at festivals and outdoor events taking place each summer. However there is a lot of careful planning that goes into making the even run smoothly.  This includes planning the area and segregating the different zones – this is done using temporary fencing.
As music festivals, Temporary fencing is used for creating enclosures for tents, food areas and stage areas. This helps to manage the large amount of pedestrian traffic and avoid too many people being in the same area all at once.
For Temporary Fencing systems to offer a versatile solution to your needs, this is aided by the vast range of accessories available, such as gates.

Temporary Fencing Gates

When using large amounts of temporary fencing, you will more than likely need a separate gate system for access to the site. Using specialised gate system helps to eliminate potential hazards to health and safety of both vehicles and pedestrians passing in and out of the site. Remember, all access points need to be clearly marked with the correct signs.
Pedestrian and Vehicle Gates comply with BS EN 10244-2 Galvanising Standards just like our Temporary Panels. Both Pedestrian and Vehicle gates are 2 metres high and have several features:
Anti-Climb Mesh – Smaller gaps between the mesh make it tougher to climb; ideal for use in areas that need a higher level of security.
Round Top – Three of the sides of the gate frames and made from one tube, meaning the structure is stronger.
Castor Wheels – These wheels are fitted onto the bottom of the gate and support it when being opened and closed.
Sliding Bolt – Gates come with a catch back post and a sliding bolt, which make securing the site simple with a padlock and chain.

Keeping them on the ground

It is essential that the Temporary Fencing Panels are stable enough to remain upright and to keep the surrounding area safe. There are two different types of feet available online; Standard and High Vis Feet.

Need extra support?

If your temporary fencing is going to be used in areas that are a bit more challenging, you may need to purchase some of the extra products we have available to stabilise the fence:
Stabilising Support Bar – These supporting bars are especially useful for fencing that is being erected on sloping ground.
Stabilising Pins – The stabilising pins are used to support the bars in the ground.
Stabilising Block Tray – These block trays make the temporary fencing is less likely to topple over, especially where there is risk of injury and damage.

If you have any questions, or require further information then please call us on 01283 512 111 or visit us online at: www.firstfence.co.uk