Tuesday, 25 August 2015

We are now full members of the Road Haulage Association!

First Fence strives to conform to industry standards and regulations, and to exceed expectations.

As we transport our Goods across the UK on a daily basis, we feel that it is incredibly important that we value both our transport staff and the haulage industry as a whole. This is why we are proud to be full members of the Road Haulage Association:

The Road Haulage Association
The Road Haulage Association (RHA) is the only UK Trade Association which exclusively represents the needs of UK Road Transport Operators. Members are provided with compliance and advice regarding the latest research statistics and codes of conduct.

The RHA are always there to campaign for the rights of their members, including areas such as promoting new blood to the industry, fuel duty and roadway infrastructure.

The Road Haulage Association website: https://www.rha.uk.net/

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Powder Coating

As part of our customisation options, we offer Powder Coating with many of our product ranges.

Powder Coating has a range of benefits both aesthetically and functionally. The coating provides the steel with further protection against rust development and general wear and tear, whist giving it a smooth finish.  Due to the varied colours we have available, you are able to choose a colour to compliment the surroundings, reflect your corporate image or increase the systems visibility. If you are browsing through our brochure, make sure you look out for the Powder Coating availability icon! 

Monday, 10 August 2015

Scaffolding - NEW RANGE ONLINE!

Standard and High Yield Scaffolding Tubes – How do they compare?

Scaffolding Tubes are 48.3mm in diameter, this makes the main difference between Standard and High Yield tubing in the thickness of the steel. The steel thickness of Standard tubes is 4mm; whereas High Yield Scaffolding Tubes are 3.2mm thick.  Although the High Yield tubing has a 3.2mm thickness and is 25% lighter in weight than Standard Tubes, they both offer a high level of strength. Standard Scaffolding Tubes and High Yield Tubes are available in 5ft, 6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 13ft, 16ft, and 21ft lengths.

Scaffolding Boards

The Scaffolding Boards in our range are made from timber and are 13ft in length. Each panel contains a metal end hoop which helps to prevent splintering and splitting during use. Boards are used to create a secure walkway along the scaffolding structure.

Forged Fittings

The fittings available in our Scaffolding Range have been produced by forging. Compared to fittings produced using other methods, forged fittings are recognised as being of a high quality and stronger. They are slightly more expensive than other types of fittings, but they are built to last.
We have a range of fittings available within our range so you can construct a safe and customisable Scaffolding system to suit your needs.

What are the common uses for Scaffolding Systems?

Due to their versatility, Scaffolding systems can be constructed to a range of specifications. Here are some of their uses:
•             The upkeep and maintenance of the exteriors of existing buildings and structures
•             Providing a safe platform for workers
•             To provide access to high level buildings and raised platforms/roofs
•             Maintenance and repair of bridges using suspended platforms
•             Temporary roofs, walkways and bridges

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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Plastic Barriers - The Range

Plastic Barriers are a versatile barrier system, offering protection and boundary demarcation for use on or by the side of the road.

Frontier Cross Link Barrier
Frontier Cross Link Barriers are designed specifically to withstand high winds, allowing the barriers to be a strong, all-weather traffic management system. As well as the clever design of the barriers themselves, the barriers also feature a distinctive support system, including telescopic stability poles.
Available Accessories:
Both Standard Feet and Anti-Trip Feet are available with this barrier.

Frontier Barriers are currently on offer!!
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Avalon Plastic Barrier 2m and 1m
Avalon Barriers meet the 7817 standard for pedestrian restraining systems, making them perfect for controlling pedestrian traffic around road works or for event management.  The locking systems are on either end of the barrier, allowing the barriers to be constructed on both level and uneven ground. This also means that the barriers are difficult to unlock. Highly durable HDPE is used to make the barriers so that they are able to withstand impact.
Available Accessories:
Both Standard Feet and ClearPath Feet are available with this barrier.

Firmus Barrier 2m
The Firmus Barrier is a versatile pedestrian barrier that is compliant with Chapter 8 Standards. The universal linking pins within each of these barriers make the barrier construction process quick and simple. Firmus Barriers, like the Avalon Barriers, are manufactured in the UK using HDPE– giving it hardwearing and lightweight properties.
As well as being supplied with a reflective strip, the Firmus Barrier has optimum visibility in bad weather, due to its compatibility with flashing beacons.

Titan Barrier

Titan Barriers are tested to the highest standards and are incredibly strong and perfectly balanced. This has all gone into making the Titan Barrier one of the most popular Barriers available on the market.
The Titan Barrier is very durable. It is capable of withstanding many years of harsh use meaning that you can use it again and again. Therefore, the Titan Barrier is the perfect choice for those that will have lots of varying projects or for projects that will be active for an extended period of time
The Titan Barrier is Chapter 8 Compliant and includes a red and white reflective strip which makes it highly visible.