Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Temporary Fencing – the ultimate solution for short-term security

A huge contender within the fencing industry, Temporary Fencing is the go-to option when you need a simple, yet effective solution for short-term site security.

Consisting of steel wire mesh panels, Temporary Fencing is an extremely versatile system, which can be accessorised with a gate or additional support equipment to ensure it meets your exact structural requirements. It is easy to assemble and can be reused time and time again.

Offering safety and security, as well as boundary demarcation and traffic management, it’s easy to see why Temporary Fencing is such a widely used system. You will often spot it around construction sites and at music festivals and outdoor sports events.


Our Temporary Fencing made it’s first appearance on hit national soap Emmerdale back in August 2015.

First Fence Temporary Fencing appears on Emmerdale!

What First Fence can offer you
With Temporary Fencing being a product in high demand, we stock a wide range of panels to ensure that when our customers ask us for the best solution for them – we can deliver.
We offer:

Standard Temporary Fencing Panel – a square top panel
Anti-Climb Temporary Fencing Panel – a square top panel with narrower mesh wires to restrict climbing activity.
Heavy Duty Square Top Temporary Fencing Panel – a square top panel which is more robust than the standard version
Heavy Duty Round Top Temporary Fencing Panel – a round top panel which has fewer weld joints, offering greater strength
Round Top Temporary Fencing Panel with Centre Bar – a round top panel which has an additional steel bar at it’s centre for increased stability

Round Top Temporary Fencing Panel

Standard Temporary Fencing Panel
Standard Temporary Fencing Panel
Standard Temporary Fencing Coupler
Standard Temporary Fencing Coupler

Panels should be connected using steel couplers and stand within Temporary Fencing Feet for a stable base. You can also install a Pedestrian or Vehicle Gate within your Temporary Fencing system if you need to provide site access.

Providing the highest quality
First Fence Temporary Fencing
First Fence Temporary Fencing
Worldwide manufacturing giants ZND are our chosen supplier for Temporary Fencing and using SmartWeld 100 technology, they produce steel Temporary Fencing products of the highest quality. With SmartWeld 100 technology, panel joints are made 70% stronger than traditional MIG welded joins, so you know that your Temporary Fencing will stand the test of time.

Great Online Offers on Temporary Fencing!
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We are now offering Slot Block Barriers for only £130 (ex VAT) each! Slot Block Barriers are water filled barriers which are designed to provide extra strength and support to Temporary Fencing Panels. Offer ends 8th March!
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For more information about our Temporary Fencing range, call our Sales Team on 01283 512 111.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

First Fence looks forward to a promising 2016

Following a busy 2015, First Fence is now looking forward to more exciting developments which are due to take place over the coming months. After successfully establishing two new Regional Fencing Centres in in both Dartford and Bristol, plus the relocation of our Head Office to a larger site in Derbyshire, we are now set to open a West Midlands branch in Great Bridge, Tipton. This new Midlands branch will ultimately become our main distribution and stock-holding centre; offering a great central position in the UK for both deliveries and collections.

As we continue to drive forward with our expansion of First Fence, we intend to increase our nationwide presence by opening new branches in Manchester, Newcastle and Glasgow in the near future, which will allow us to further enhance our availability as a fencing supplier. 2016 will also see us continuing to develop our Regional Fencing Centres currently operating in the South East and South West.

With heavy investments in both fabrication facilities and machinery, our Swadlincote Headquarters site has now enabled us to focus more on the area of manufacturing; something which we are keen to develop as we currently manufacture a variety of our stock, including:

Manual Swing Palisade Gates, Mesh Gates and Railing Gates
Palisade and Mesh Security Fencing Posts

 Armco RSJ Posts
Car Park Swing Barriers

Already this year, we have introduced Manual and Automatic Raise Arm Barriers, Turnstiles, plus Manual and Automatic Sliding and Bi-folding Gates, and we are set to launch a range of other fencing and traffic management solutions very soon.

We offer a broad range of products with a fast, fair and friendly service, which is why we see customers coming back to us time and time again. Catering to clients across the UK, we provide competitively priced, high quality solutions for construction sites, outdoor events, road maintenance projects, commercial and industrial buildings, and residential properties.

First Fence are also proud members of the Fencing Contractors Association and are listed as a Trusted Trader on the Derbyshire County Council website.

Whether you want to buy or hire from us, speak to an advisor or simply click and collect, we promise to give you an easy and hassle-free experience every time.

For more information about any of our products and services please call us on 01283 512 111 or visit our website.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Reduced prices on Palisade Fencing – a great time to invest in your site security

Reduced prices on Palisade Fencing – a great time to invest in your site security
Our Palisade Fencing prices are now even lower than before which means that we can offer you one of the most robust Security Fencing solutions, at a highly competitive price.
Dependable site security is a must-have for any commercial, industrial or public building and with so many solutions available on the market today, it is important to choose the fencing system which meets your requirements best.

Is Palisade Fencing the right solution for your site?

Palisade Fencing is perhaps the most traditional form of Security Fencing. Used to protect outdoor locations all over the world, it offers an intimidating appearance and tough design, which effectively advises people that the site should not be accessed by those who are not authorised to do so.

Originating from Roman times, Palisade Fencing was constructed to protect armies from enemy attack and then to help guard castles before permanent walls were built. Back then, Palisade was made from wood or tree trunks which had been sharpened at the top and although there has been much development over the years, this unique design feature has remained, as the sharp spikes are still incorporated into our present steel version.
Here at First Fence, we offer Palisade Fencing which has been made from high quality steel and offers a range of excellent benefits. 

Firstly, it is manufactured from cold rolled steel, which means that no heat is involved during it’s process. It is also lighter in weight, yet still very strong.

The steel is also galvanised with a zinc coating and this helps to prevent rust developing over time, and ultimately increases the longevity of the system.

Our Palisade Fencing has a unique ‘w’ shape profile which means the pales possess a thinner middle section, with thicker edges that curve inwards. Not only does this increase the strength of the system, but it also makes the fencing difficult to grip or climb.

Generally the most recognisable feature of the Palisade system, the three points/spikes which are cut into the top of each pale work as an effective deterrent for potential intruders thinking of breaking into your site. The triple pointed pales are harmful if scaled and the small barbs sitting on the top rail of the fencing will also threaten to cause harm if crossed. We also offer single pointed and round and notched pales.

Providing the Palisade’s stability is the anti-tamper fixings and steel Posts. Fixings are designed so that the end of the bolts snap off once secured, in order to prevent them from being removed. We offer both Bolt Down and Dig-In Palisade Posts so no matter where you install your Palisade Security Fencing system, it will maintain a sturdy and reliable structure.
For extra steel protection or for a brighter appearance, you can also request to have your Palisade Security Fencing powder coated in a range of standard RAL colours.

Palisade Fencing is an extremely popular Security Fencing system which will provide your site with a defensive boundary to help prevent intrusion, damage and theft. You will often see Palisade Fencing guarding a range of locations and they can often be found protecting industrial sites, commercial buildings, schools, railway stations, agricultural areas, museums and high security buildings.

We offer Palisade Fencing in 1.8m, 2.0m, 2.1m, 2.4m and 3.0m heights. We also offer a selection of Palisade Gates which are perfect for providing pedestrian or vehicle access.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

A brand new range – Site Access Control

Here at First Fence, we have now introduced a fantastic new Site Access Control range. We are offering a wide variety of Raise Arm Barriers, Sliding Gates and Turnstile systems, which are perfect for locations that need to monitor and control their accessibility. 

Access is an extremely important aspect to consider when planning your site’s security. Whether you need to provide a secure entry point to a commercial, industrial or residential property, it is essential that you establish who you are providing access to, how often, plus the level of security the location requires.

So which Site Access Control system do I choose?

A common feature of many public and workplace car parks, the Raise Arm Barrier will provide effective vehicle access management, in order to maintain a steady and safe flow of traffic. We offer manually operated Raise Arm Barriers in both standard and heavy duty varieties, which are fully lockable and can be installed to operate from the left or right. We also supply automated Raise Arm Barriers in various pole lengths which offer adjustable speed settings, as well as a variety of access control options, including GSM Intercom and Proximity Access Keypads.

For vehicle access control with a bit more security, Sliding and Bi-folding Gates are the best option. A popular choice for private driveways or the entrances of commercial buildings, Sliding Gates are ideal for locations which do not have enough space for a traditional swing gate. We offer manually operated cantilever Sliding Gates, as well as automated Sliding Gates which include an illuminated LC Display for programming your gate to your specific access requirements. Automatic Bi-folding Speed Gates are also a great alternative to swing gates and operate quickly, yet smoothly.

All Sliding and Bi-folding Gates are available in a variety of sizes and with Palisade, Mesh or Railing infills, so you can tailor your gate system to your specification.

Perhaps one of the most popular systems used for pedestrian access control, Turnstiles have been featuring in a range of public venues as well as industrial sites for many years. We offer full height Automatic Turnstiles which are great for locations that require a higher level of security. Allowing only one person to enter and exit the system at one time, the Turnstile is an ideal solution when you need to maintain a safe and controlled flow of pedestrian traffic through an unmonitored entry point. You will probably spot a turnstile next time you go to the football stadium to watch a match or have a day out at a theme park!

Special Offer – Free Delivery on all Raise Arm Barriers only available until the end of February!* 

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 *Free Delivery is based on 1-7 working day Economy Delivery service. Terms and conditions apply.

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