Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Galvanised and polyester powder coated finishes

With our security fencing systems, most of the products are supplied with a galvanised finish as standard or you will have the option to select this from the drop down menu on the website. We also offer a polyester powder coating as an additional finish which may prolong the delivery lead time.

So what is a galvanised finish?

Our products are manufactured from high quality steel which is then layered with a protective zinc coating; also known as galvanisation. This particular finish will provide your steel fencing system with a barrier against corrosion which will help prevent rust from developing over time. You will see in the image to the right (the steel Palisade pale) that the galvanised finish also gives the fencing an added shine and makes the system brighter. When browsing through the website, you may see that with some of our ranges that a galvanised finish is available within the customisation section at an extra cost.

Why should I have a polyester powder coated finish?

A polyester powder coating will provide your security fencing system with further protection against rust development and general wear and tear. There are a number of benefits by investing in a second finish:

  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Blends within the surrounding area
  • Available in a variety of standard RAL colours
  • Effective and longer-lasting than ordinary paint 
  • Custom colours available

When selecting your powder coated finish on the website, our products feature a drop down menu which will allow you to choose a colour for your fencing. Some of our ranges like Mesh, are supplied with a powder coated finish already, this can either be in Green (RAL 6005) or Black (RAL 9005). However, there is an option to have a different colour at an additional cost. We also allow you to customise your fencing with branded company colours if required.  

                  Green - RAL 6005
                  Blue - RAL 5010
                  Black - RAL 9005
                  Red - RAL 3020
                  Brown - RAL 8014
                  Grey - RAL 7037
                  White - RAL 9010
                  Traffic Yellow - RAL 1023

Overall, a polyester powder coated finish will increase the systems resilience against enduring factors like vandalism and weathering effects. By enhancing the appearance of a security fencing system, it will brighten up the premises and create attractive boundary demarcation. 

If you are looking for a specific colour but cannot find the one you are looking for, our Sales Team are more than happy to speak to customers about their requirements. If you call First Fence on 01283 512111 we are available 24/7 and you will receive an instant response.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Tipton is now in operation

We have finally announced that our newest First Fence branch based in Great Bridge, Tipton, West Midlands is officially open and

operating. The First Fence building has had a brand new makeover with one of our LED signs (made by Xpress Print Solutions), painting work, new windows and lots more!

The depot is located in the centre of the UK, with links to both the M5 and M6, making it the perfect place to collect your security fencing systems. With a huge stock holding of products at this site, we can offer both Same Day Delivery as well as our handy Collection Service, which means you will always receive an instant response.

Our West Midlands depot is continuously developing and will eventually become our main distribution centre. For any enquiries in the meantime, please call our Midlands Head Office on 01283 512111 and we can organise a date and time for you to collect your fencing. 

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Railings - What do we sell?

Railings are a popular choice for many public and domestic locations as the different styles have great safety features but also an attractive design. With its aesthetically pleasing look, it is an ideal solution for areas needing a low to medium level of security as it is less imposing than our Palisade range. Railings are useful for providing a boundary demarcation around properties, like private driveways or outdoor areas.
Our Railings are made from high quality steel which is then galvanised to prevent rust from developing over time. For further protection, Polyester Powder Coating is also available as a customisation option. There are several standard RAL colours to choose from, which can either brighten up the premises or match your company’s branding colours.

When installing any of our Railing systems, additional panels are required for safe construction. We have two types of posts available for various ground surfaces. If you are installing your Railings onto soft ground like clay or grass, Dig-In Posts (Post Mix is not supplied with Dig-In Posts, this must be purchased separately) are highly recommended. However, if you are erecting a Railing system onto harder ground like concrete, Bolt Down Posts should be used. For further security, we offer Heavy Duty Padlocks in our customisation section which provide a secure lock whilst the gate is closed and the site is empty.

What Railings do we supply?

All of the above Railing systems are available as a single item or as a kit (when ordering a kit, you will be supplied with posts and fixings). If you are looking for a complete system, we also sell Railing Gates. These security fencing systems are compatible with our Railing Gates which are manufactured in-house. Depending on the height and width required, most measurements are featured on our website but if you need bespoke Railings, we can cater for your needs.

Our current heights are:

Please see the access table below for our Railing Gates:

Where can you use Railings?
Railings can be used in various locations, they are extremely popular in environments where children and the public are often present. With all four styles lacking sharp edges and spikes, this makes them a great choice for schools, parks, residential areas and hospital grounds. Standard Bow Top Railings have a rounded bow-top and our Standard Vertical Bar Railings have square cut tops. These are difficult to climb and help prevent potential intrusion.

Choosing the right system

Standard Railings consist of solid railing bars which are welded to the bottom bar of the panel. If you are looking at installing your security fencing system on level or sloping ground, our Standard Railings are the perfect choice. However, the railings will require stepping if constructing on sloped ground as they cannot be adjusted.

Self-Raking Railings contain hollow railing bars that sit within the lower rail of the panel; this allows the panel to be adjusted if installing on a slope. When erecting a Self-Raking Railing system on sloping ground with an incline no greater than 20 degrees, you are able to adjust the system so it runs parallel to the ground below.

 Latest offers:
The following offers include; Dig-In Posts, Fixings and Kit covers 82.5m 

For more information about our latest offers or our Railing products, please visit our website or contact our Sales Team on 01283 512111. These are available for collection but please speak to a member of the First Fence Team about collecting your Railings system.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Stock up on security fencing systems for your summer events

Summer is only around the corner with lots of events taking place across the UK.

Summer in the UK is one thing we all look forward to because it’s the most exciting time of the year. What makes it more interesting is the wide spread of events that take place across the nation. Whether you are planning a music festival, firework display, charity football match or an exhibition, First Fence can provide you with a great temporary solution.

We all know that outdoor events involve queuing, it might be a small queue or it might even be a large queue, but they still require having a manageable system. It is important to put the welfare of the public and staff as one of the main priorities when organising an event. Here at First Fence, we have a wide range of temporary solutions to help manage pedestrian traffic and site security. 

In previous years we have supplied Silverstone with our RB2000 Water Barrier’s which provided a safety barrier for both pedestrians and vehicles as they can withstand heavy impacts. Our RB2000 Water Barriers are available for hire and are completely reusable. If high visibility is key, these barriers come with a vibrant red finish.

Our two most popular temporary security fencing systems are Temporary Fencing and Crowd Control Barriers. Both fencing systems can be used to manage pedestrian traffic and offer protection as they travel through the area. These systems are highly dependable and are extremely durable, meaning they are made from galvanised steel.

Crowd Control Barriers:

Made from high quality steel, our Crowd Control Barriers are designed to provide a temporary safety barrier. This system can be used within busy or heavily crowded areas, so if you are expecting a lot of people to attend your event, Crowd Control Barriers could help manage pedestrian traffic. We offer two types of barriers, fixed legs and loose legs in 2.3m and 2.5m lengths. 

Hoarding consists of solid steel panels which provide a higher level of privacy than some of our other security systems, like Temporary Fencing. Our Hoarding range is available in 2.0m and 2.4m high and also has the option to add an additional layer of protection. A powder coated finish will enhance the systems appearance and increase its resilience. It is a reliable temporary fencing system as items/objects like cars for example, can be kept hidden from view.

Plastic Barriers:

Our Plastic Barriers are ideal for temporary traffic management and offer a high level of visibility due to their bright colours. As they are designed for temporary use, Plastic Barriers are great for reusing as they are extremely hardwearing. We have a variety of Plastic Barriers available on our website to suit a range of uses whether you are using them for events, road works or to indicate a hazardous area. 

Slot Block Barriers:
Manufactured from plastic, our Slot Block Barriers are a water filled barrier that have been designed for temporary use. These are compatible with our standard size (3.5m x 2.0m approximately) Temporary Fencing Panels as they slot into the barrier and provide the fencing system with great stability. Available in red and white colours, these barriers offer a sufficient level of visibility.

Temporary Fencing:

An ideal solution for outdoor sites which require a good level of site security for a short time period. Our Temporary Fencing systems are galvanised and are available in a Square Top Temporary Fencing Panel or a Round Top Temporary Fencing Panel. This security fencing system can be used to indicate a temporary boundary around an event, for example, at a music festival as it keeps passing pedestrians safe. We have various Temporary Fencing Panels and packages available on our website.

Trench Covers:
To eliminate a hazard, our Trench Covers are used to conceal trenches or holes within a pavement or road. If your event location has various dips and holes throughout the ground, these Trench Covers can supply a safe access route for pedestrian and vehicle traffic. We supply various Trench Covers which offer a high level of visibility, as well as an anti-trip surface. 


Our Turnstiles are available as either a Single Turnstile or a Double Turnstile, both a great solution when you are needing to provide unsupervised access control to a site entrance. These are great for football stadiums and theme parks as they are built to a high-level specification and allow pedestrians to gain access when entering and exiting a site. The Turnstiles are configurable to allow single direction or bi-directional rotation to meet your requirements.

Water Filled Barriers:
These Water Filled Barriers are specially designed to provide safety and separation where there is vehicle traffic. They offer great strength, as well as a sufficient level of visibility due to their vibrant colours. When using your Water Filled Barriers as an indicator for pedestrian traffic, they can be manually positioned to provide protection for pedestrians from passing vehicles. These barriers can be used for a temporary traffic management solution.   

We do have various hire packages available on our website and we are able to discuss these deals over the phone if you prefer to speak to a member of our Team. We are able to deliver these either Same Day, Next Day, Express or Economy Delivery, alternatively, you can use our Click and Collect Service from any of our four depots across the UK. If you would like more information about First Fence supplying you with either Permanent or Temporary Fencing, then please call our 24/7 Sales line on 01283 512111.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Swadlincote Festival of Transport

On Sunday 15th May, First Fence took part in the annual Swadlincote Festival of Transport to raise money for this years charities; Derbyshire,Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance and Swadlincote Community First Responders (CFR)We entered three of our vehicles, a V12 the Artic Tractor Unit, a V26 the 26 Tonne Rigid and a V4 the 7.5 Tonne and supplied 40 Crowd Control Barriers to secure the event.

It was our second year supporting the Swadlincote Festival of Transport and again, we had a lot of fun interacting with the public and people taking pictures of our vehicles. Our vehicles were lined up next to one another with room to take a look inside and with friendly staff willing to answer questions.

The turnout for the event was brilliant, we were behind Sharpe’s Pottery Museum with the Jaguars, classic fire engines and various HGV Lorries. As some of you will have seen, we posted on Facebook our newest member of the transport fleet, The Beast. The Beast is our largest delivery vehicle yet, we do have plans to invest in more of these to cater for bigger delivery orders.

Our Crowd Control Barriers were used for road closures and to indicate a boundary across the Swadlincote town centreDespite being manned by volunteers at the festival, the temporary Crowd Control Barriers provided sufficient safety. These are an ideal system for supplying pedestrian traffic management in busy or heavily crowded areas. As we saw yesterday, these steel Barriers prevented any harm coming to the public.

We look forward to the future events hosted by the Box Motor Club, Woodville. 

Gemma Foster, Box Motor Club said:

"First Fence provided excellent service and products delivered to the Swadlincote Festival of Transport. Without their help, the logistics of running such a large charity event would have been very difficult and it also helped to ensure the safety of participants and public on the day. As it was a charity event this service was provided free of charge. Highly recommend!"

If you would like to find out more about using Crowd Control Barriers for an event you are hosting then please get in touch with us. Our Sales Line is open 24/7 and our Team are more than happy to give you a free no obligation quote. 

This week’s latest offer includes a great package deal for 50 Armco Beams with a Selection of RSJ Bolt Down Posts and 2 No. FOC Fishtails. A great investment before the steel prices rise from Monday 16th May. More to follow on our other social media accounts or if you’d like to be a part of our marketing emails, please contact us on 01283 512 111.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

The rise in steel prices - how can First Fence help?

As you may be aware, the steel market is currently undergoing a change but what is that change? 

The cost of steel is set to rise across the UK which means our manufacturers will be increasing the cost of Armco by an average of 10% from Monday 16th May. We have also been informed that there is a second increase likely to follow in the upcoming weeks ahead. As a result of this, our prices within the Armco range will also rise.

With the second increase yet to come, estimated in June, we will be revising our Palisade Fencing prices.

What can we do to help?
First Fence are able to accept any Armco orders until the end of May at our current prices. So if you have considered purchasing Armco but would like it at our current prices, we are able to do this for you. Due to our huge stock holding, our Armco Safety Barriers are ready to be shipped for Same Day Delivery and Next Day Delivery. This is another reason why customer service is so important at First Fence, we make sure that our customers are catered for before and after the rise.

Here, you can access an article about the rise in UK steel and how it'll affect all steel manufacturers:

'The price of steel has risen sharply since the start of the year, boosting hopes that Tata Steel UK might be sold in its entirety rather than being broken up.'   - www.thisismoney.co.uk (Accessed: 12 May 2016).

If you would like more information about our increased prices, please call 01283 512111 to speak to a member of the First Fence Team. 

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Manual Security Gates – In-House Manufacturing

Whether a security fencing system has already been installed or you require a new point of entry for your site, First Fence manufacture a variety of security gates. These are manufactured and galvanised by a skilled Fabrication Team at the Midlands Headquarters site.

We tailor for customers that need security gates to be a specific size, for example, if you would like a Mesh Gate installed within your system but require particular heights and access widths, we are able to do this.

By offering security as well as safety, our aim is to provide the perfect access point for vehicles and pedestrians. For extra security, you can add a Heavy Duty Padlock to your system to secure the gate when the site is not in use.

To outline the differences between these Manual Security Gates, we have highlighted the main features and benefits below.

Palisade Gates

Specially designed for permanent installation, Palisade Gates are manufactured from high quality steel which has been galvanised to prevent the formation of rust. Featured in our Palisade range, you will find several customisation options which allow you to modify the gate. With various heights and widths available, we also offer single and double leaf gates.

Further customisation includes, adding a polyester powder coated finish to the steel Palisade Gate from a range of RAL colours. By having this as an option, you are able to select a colour to suit the surrounding area.

In terms of security, the Palisade Gate is supplied with triple pointed pales to prevent potential intruders from climbing over. When this gate is not in use, it is secured by a sliding latch bolt where it effectively merges into the Palisade Fencing system to form a strong and robust structure.  

Railing Gates
Bow Top and VerticalBar Railing Gates are a more aesthetically pleasing range as they are less imposing than Palisade Gates for example. They are often used as a perimeter fencing around private properties like a school or private residential driveway.

Depending on height and location, Railing Gates are able to provide an equal amount of security to a more intimidating fencing (as stated above) due to their design. You will see that the welded bars are looped through creating a rounded bow top within the Bow Top Railing Gate, making it difficult to climb.

Railing Gates are available in various heights and widths to coincide with the location and its accessibility. If you are just looking for a point of entry for pedestrians, our Pedestrian Gate would be perfect however if you require vehicle access, we also offer single and double leaf gates in both the Bow Top and Vertical Bar ranges.

Mesh Gates

Within the Mesh range, we offer three different types of Mesh Gates which provide a great access point for both pedestrians and vehicles. Installing either a Twin Mesh, V-Mesh or Prison Mesh Gate will ultimately offer you a strong and reliable entry point. Depending on the style chosen, Twin Mesh Gates, for example, have been specifically designed to be anti-cut (with standard tools) due to its toughness and rigidity.

For installation, each security gate can be erected using steel Bolt Down Posts which are highly recommended if constructing on hard ground like concrete. Alternatively, if you are installing your Palisade Gate onto softer ground, for instance, on grass or clay, you will require Dig-In Posts.

As we manufacture Mesh Gates in-house, we do state that there is a longer lead time when ordering.

All of the above are our most popular security gates that have a sufficient level of visibility and resilience.

If you would like more information about these Manual Security Gates, our First Fence Team are available 24/7 to take your call on 01283 512111.