Thursday, 12 January 2017

Last Chance for Temporary Fencing

Due to the rise in steel prices, be sure to order your Temporary Fencing before the price rise at the start of February. Often used on building and construction sites, as well as for outdoor events, our Temporary Fencing Panels are available as kits in standard, anti-climb and heavy duty choices. 

Even though winter is still here, that won’t be a problem when using our Temporary Fencing Panels. The wire mesh structure is cleverly designed to withstand the effects of high winds and storms. In order to retain stability, it is important to consider the location of your fencing, particularly in high or exposed ground.

Multifunctional and available for use with small and large projects throughout the UK, we provide Temporary Fencing to fit your requirements. Whether you need brand new Temporary Fencing Panels or ex-hire Temporary Fencing Panels, we can provide what you need. Whether you are working on a large project or a small project, we offer package deals for our Round Top Temporary Fencing and Standard Temporary Fencing in choices of 100 blocks, clips and panels or 50 blocks, clips and panels. 

You may also consider use of Health and Safety signs and Tarpaulin when using our Temporary Fencing Panels. Luckily, these come with a 10% discount when ordering one of our Temporary Fencing package deals.

It is recommended that Health and Safety signs are used with Temporary Fencing Panels in order to highlight potential hazards on and off site. These signs are made from correx, making them ideal for outdoor conditions, keeping you and your employees safe.

Our Fence Tarpaulin is a highly durable solid sheet and comes with a 10% discount when purchased alongside out Temporary Fencing package deals. It is a durable, solid sheet used to keep sites private and dry. This is a recommended extra when purchasing out Temporary Fencing Panels as it can be reused in a number of outdoor locations. They are available in black, white, green and blue. 

Whether you’re working on a large or small project, there is never a better time to order our Temporary Fencing and Hoarding Panels.