Thursday, 9 February 2017

Mesh Fencing - Securing Your Site Has Never Been Easier!

If you are looking for stylish and safe fencing, you might have considered Mesh Security Fencing. Here at First Fence, we offer a broad range of Mesh Fencing and Gates, perfect for a variety of environments.

Mesh is a unique type of fencing, as it is available in a number of different styles to suit the purpose it will be serving. For example, if you require a low level of security you may wish to consider 1.8m high ‘V’ Mesh Security Fencing. On the other hand, if you need a high standard of security, our 3.0m high Prison Mesh Fencing would provide you with this.

With a huge stock available, our Mesh Fencing and Gates come in a range of colours. With the most popular colours of choice being green and black, we also offer blue, brown, grey and red. Whether you’re looking to secure a school, commercial premises or a high-security building we have a range of products to suit your requirements.

Why choose Mesh?

Here at First Fence, we offer three different styles of Mesh Fencing.

V Mesh – V Mesh is one of the most popular styles of Mesh Security Fencing. Durable and economical, this fencing provides an effective form of security. Manufactured from high quality galvanised steel, the panels contain 5mm thick wire which are difficult to scale and cut through.

Twin Mesh – Twin Mesh comes in 656 and 868 varieties, pertaining to the thickness of the wire. Both providing effective security, this style of mesh fence is fantastic for securing areas where children are present. Twin Wire Mesh is constructed from two horizontal wires running parallel to each other and a vertical wire passing between them. This style of mesh fence is perfect for providing a high level of security that prevents vandalism.

Prison Mesh – If you are looking for a high-security fence, Prison Mesh is ideal. Consisting of exceptionally tight Mesh apertures, the clever design prevents people from scaling and cutting through the fence. Compatible for use in conjunction with CCTV cameras, Prison Mesh Fencing is one of the most secure types of Mesh Fencing on the market today.

When you have decided which style of Mesh Fencing you require, it is important to consider the type of ground you will install your fencing in. Luckily, regardless of whether you are installing into hard or soft ground, it has never been easier with our bolt down and dig in posts. This means you can choose the right post to suit the ground and your needs. Bolt down posts are designed to be secured to the ground, whereas dig in posts are designed to be set into concrete.

Our Mesh Gates are available in single leaf and double leaf varieties. If you require access to small or large vehicles, we supply gates in widths of 1.8m to 10.0m.
With a huge stock available to order and at prices as low as £10.89 per metre, our Mesh Gates are available for same day and next day delivery